Treatment Facilities

treatmentFacilitiesTreatment facilities have special needs since they strive to help many patients at once with finite clinical and administrative resources. Through group trainings and targeted appeals, we can help maximize your ability to challenge insurer denials on behalf of the clients you serve by:


  • Analyzing and responding to insurer challenges of mental health treatment on medical necessity grounds
  • Determining the applicability of federal and state mental health parity protections
  • Preparing persuasive appeals to health insurers on behalf of patients pursuing coverage for mental health treatment
  • Seeking independent medical reviews of insurer treatment denials
  • Petitioning state and federal regulatory bodies that oversee patient access to mental health care



We can also assist facilities that are improperly reimbursed due to insurer discrimination and contractual breaches.

At Psych-Appeal, we are confident in our ability to increase efficiency of your utilization review systems. Our institutional clients report incomparable increases of reimbursed claims and repeatedly express satisfaction with their return on investment.