cliniciansClinicians are trained to focus on the needs of their patients and provide exceptional care. Instead, they routinely find themselves spending valuable time and energy responding to intrusive and inefficient insurer reviews.

Our services for clinicians are designed specifically with the needs of the solo or group practitioner in mind. We offer consultation in preparation for appeals and training for medical necessity reviews. We can also help you locate and cite the clinical and research evidence supporting the care you provide.

In addition, we can assist in:

  • Analyzing and responding to insurer challenges of mental health treatment on medical necessity grounds
  • Determining the applicability of federal and state mental health parity protections
  • Preparing persuasive appeals to health insurers on behalf of patients pursuing coverage for mental health treatment
  • Seeking independent medical reviews of insurer treatment denials
  • Petitioning state and federal regulatory bodies that oversee patient access to mental health care

By combining our extensive knowledge of mental health care with that of litigation and appeals, Psych-Appeal offers unparalleled expertise to clinicians in all areas of mental health or substance disorder treatment.